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Paper 1 – Reading 閱讀|本卷佔總分 20%


  1. How to spot KEY WORDS in passages and make use of the contextual CLUES

    • 文章中找重要字眼及利用文章中提示

  2. How to find answers quickly and accurately by elimination

    • 以「刪除法」極速準確找答案

  3. How to approach different types of questions in reading comprehension

    • 「閱讀理解」答題技巧:

      • Short answers 短答

      • Open-ended answers 發揮創意的答案

      • Dictionary entries 字典題

      • Determination of True & False and NOT Given statements 決定正確、錯誤及沒有提供句子

      • Matching 配對

      • Speed reading techniques 極速閱讀法

      • Time management 時間控制

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